Resources for Resilience and a Return to Effectiveness

In a crisis, priorities shift day-to-day. With organizations worldwide grappling with plunging productivity due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this is a time to simplify and aim for a balance between focus and flexibility. Pollinate presents this roundup of resources and ideas to help you navigate in the face of lightning-speed change:

Pollinate CEO Christy Pettit discusses the value of patience and perseverance, along with 3 tips for putting new systems in place.

Pollinate advisor Dr. Mary Fernandez shares her thoughts on the benefits and challenges of virtual mentoring, along with strategies for success.

System-wide change – like the sudden massive shift to remote work – causes a cascade of unintended consequences, including an emerging skills deficit, writes Pollinate’s Oliver Maynard-Langedijk.

Nancy Priest, CEO and Founder of Glass of Learning Inc., is offering a Working From Home Series of free webinars. Learn how to set up a home office, manage your mindset while working from home and manage a remote team.


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